I am Danish but have lived in Australia for more than 30 years. I have always made things with my hands and Jewellery was one of many hobbies while I worked in journalism and later in employment and training. Now it takes up much more time and I love all aspects of creating beautiful lasting pieces in a design I hope will not date.

I work in the traditional metals, silver and gold, but have recently also started making pendants and necklaces of Australian hardwood. She Oak being one timber, which is beautiful and interesting to look at and so smooth and lovely to handle.

Making jewellery is just a progression in a range of creative activities, and it has turned out to be the most interesting. Of course we do not need it, the jewellery, but adorning ourselves is an ancient urge which makes us feel more beautiful and gives us the opportunity to express individuality and personality. For me to see people wear my pieces gives me huge satisfaction.

I am inspired by everything – or maybe rather everyone – around me is inspiration and my Danish background is certainly an influence on what I make. I like simple, clean lines, classic lines. It is important when using quality metal that the pieces are timeless and not screaming yesterday when being worn.